The Symbols and Features of Jokerizer Slot Explained Online

It seems we’re going back to the basics with this Jokerizer slot from Yggdrasil. Whilst the bright lights and vivid backdrop of this slot game tends to shout carnival and gaming, and may make this slot appear quite loud on the surface, at its heart this is a rather classically based slot game.

The graphics and design of the game is quite simple, the style of play setup here is definitely inclined toward the more ardent slot goers, in the game for the spinning reels and the jackpots that the symbols thereon can perpetuate. Overall, whilst relatively simple, this slot is still a solid game.

The setup and play of this Jokerizer slot, as a result of its style and design, is easy to interpret and initiate right from the get go. The 5 reel and 10 adjustable pay line setup of this slot is also straightforward to follow, with a pay table of the different combinations available at any moment. Alongside this Yggdrasil have also included a range of betting options to accommodate players more comfortably. To spice up this gameplay focused slot game there is also a few fun in-game features that promise a few extra wins along the way.

Classic Carnival Theme of Jokerizer Slot Online

Admittedly the carnival attachment to the theme of this Jokerizer game is a rather bizarre connection, especially given that the features and symbols of this slot suggest the more classic fruit machine style. That being said, there are notable connections between these two industries and both offer entertaining opportunities. The theme is carried out on the screen with adequate graphics, definitely inclined more toward the classic style from said fruit machines, giving the game an air of nostalgia. The backdrop is probably the biggest link between the carnival theme and the fruity classic style and makes the symbols on the clear reels all the more vivid.

Since this Jokerizer slot game was developed by Yggdrasil in the style of classic slot machine it is fair to say that the symbols on the reels are the most important aspects of the game. Whilst the pay table is available to the players, a brief rundown on a few of the symbols they might expect includes lemons, grapes and cherries as well as the famous bells and 7’s symbols. These symbols aren’t all that detailed but pop vividly onto the screen and make for some exciting moments should players be able to get a few of the more lucrative ones into combinations across the reels.

The Little Bit of Bonus Feature Involved

This Jokerizer slot game does of course have a feature or two up its sleeve, just to make the base game a little more eventful. The first of these that Yggdrasil slipped onto the reels is the mystery win. This is won by landing 3 or more joker symbols on the middle 3 reels, resulting in a jackpot of up to 6000 coins.

The second feature adds to this and can be activated after every winning spin. Players can hit the joker button after a win which will cost them an additional sum of 20 coins per spin and be played out from the winnings of the spin it was activated in. During these spins the joker symbols appear more often and players will only require 2 or more of these symbols to hit the mystery win.