What Should Online Sports Betting Reviews Cover?

Online Sports Betting Reviews

Reading online sports betting reviews is an essential part of finding bookmakers that cater to punters’ specific requirements. However, knowing whether a review can be trusted or not is another matter.

When punters know what a decent review should contain, they should be able to discern whether the reviews they read are actually helpful or not. Also, knowing what is can be expected from better quality bookmakers means punters should be able to tell from a review whether or not a bookmaker is worth their time.

A good review should give punters a reasonable idea of the markets, betting options, banking services and payment methods, site security, licensing, and whether punters need to download software or not.

Markets should be Reviewed

The markets are the heart and soul of any bookmaker. Punters should regard as suspect those online sports betting reviews or bookmakers that do not offer a variety of local and international markets.

While pride of place may be given to more popular sporting codes, bookmakers should also offer less well-known markets. The different markets ought to be noted in reviews, as many punters do not limit their betting to one market only.

Punters should expect to see sports such as rugby, football, American football, cricket, tennis, swimming, golf, darts, badminton, surfing, ice hockey, field hockey, cycling, boxing, and basketball, as well as horse racing, greyhound racing, and auto racing listed. Punters should also see novelty markets listed, including those such as entertainment industry, financial markets, and political betting.

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Bet Types should be Reviewed

In addition to giving punters a good idea of available markets, online sports betting reviews should also include information about the different types of bets available, as well as whether the bookmaker allows for live and futures betting.

Punters should know from a review what types of bets they could place at a specific bookmaker. Straight bets, flexi bets, multi bets, and exotic bets should all be options.

A reliable review should also note whether or not the bookmaker publishes betting guides that contain information regarding track and weather conditions, athlete and team statistics, and injury reports.

Online Bookmaker Licensing

Bookmaker licensing is important for punter safety, so online sports betting reviews should always mention it. Punters should not even consider betting at a bookmaker that is not licensed.

Licenses are usually issued by governmental gambling authorities or commissions. Punters should know that betting at licensed bookmakers gives them added protection, as the bookmakers would be regulated, and punters would have somewhere to turn, should a dispute ever arise.

Online Bookmaker Banking in Reviews

Online sports betting reviews should also highlight the available banking options, and whether the services are secure or not. Reliable security usually takes the form of SSL data encryption technology.

Most bookmakers offer advance deposit wagering, which means punters would need to make a real money deposit before placing their bets. A review should let punters know what payment methods are accepted.

Download or No Download Sports Betting

Lastly, online sports betting reviews should also state whether punters would need anything more than an active internet connection to place sports wagers or horse racing bets at a bookmaker.

Most bookmakers certainly do allow browser-based betting, although some sites may also give punters the option of downloading free software. A comprehensive review may also touch on mobile betting options.