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Boxing is one of the oldest and still most popular sports in the world. Its history can be traced back longer than almost any other sport, and the fact it still exists today is nothing short of astonishing. Boxing is not to be mistaken for more modern combat based sports such as MMA, also referred to as mixed martial arts. These are two similar but different ports.

Boxing is defined by the fact that fighters are only allowed to use their fists, and may only land punches above the belt. Fighters are also required to wear thick padded gloves which minimise injury. In MMA fighters are allowed to use punches, kicks, and grappling moves, and may land strikes to the legs. Both sports use similar round systems, and both are judged in terms of points by similar criteria, but the two are fundamentally different in style.

Boxing History

Mention of boxing is seen almost as long as modern humans have walked the earth. Ancient cave paintings depict figures in fist fights, which appear to be boxing matches. Fist fighting as an official sport is mentioned as early as 688BC. The ancient Greeks had a form of boxing in their Olympic games at this time, although there are many differences to the modern form of boxing seen today. In ancient Greece boxing matches were not so concerned about how many injuries a fighter might sustain, and some fights even went to the death.

The level of injury sustained by fighters was addressed, however, and fist fighters started wearing protective straps over their fists to minimise injury. Regardless, fist fighting was abolished in 393AD, by order of the Roman Emperor, due to its excessive brutality and often fatal violence. Fist fighting regained popularity in London in the 1700s, although it was unregulated and chaotic. Choking, eye gouging and wrestling was allowed. Later, in 1867, official rules were published and boxing matches became regulated to emphasise fairness and allow boxers to avoid injury.

Modern Boxing and Betting

Modern Boxing and Betting

Modern boxing is still largely regulated by the same rules first published in 1867. The matches are much more extravagant and glitzy than those seen in 1867, however, and a modern prize fighter is nothing short of a celebrity.

Enjoying betting on boxing matches has existed as long as the sport itself, but modern bet makers certainly have convenience on their side. The majority of major boxing matches have bet making option at online bookmakers, at placing a bet takes just seconds of time when placing boxing match bets from your phone. Less mainstream boxing matches are also often covered, though this depends on the online bookmaker in question.

Like variations of wagers in the US Masters Golf betting, common boxing bets are often simply predicting one fighter to officially win over the other. More focused bets include predicting how long the fight will last, and in what fashion the fight will be concluded. For example, a bet can be placed on a fighter to win, in the third round, by means of knockout. A payout may still be given for predicting the correct fighter, but if the fighter wins b judges decision as apposed to knockout, the payout may be less.