Online Cricket Betting Types Described for Punters

Online Cricket Betting Types

Online betting sites that cater for bettors to bet on the sport of cricket are formally known or referred to as bookmakers or sportsbooks. They give bettors the opportunity to bet on many different types of cricket events such as one day matches to test matches and special events like the Twenty20 Series.

There are many online betting sites that all offer some sort betting option for cricket but they may not always be the same with regards to their levels of trustworthiness. Finding the right online betting site means looking for legal ones with good reputations and some factors to consider are the countries accepted, the currencies accepted, bonuses offered, banking options and whether a mobile platform is available.

Bettors must also consider the fact that each site offers different in play events, betting options, types of bets and match odds. Finding the best site to bet on means complete safety and simple sign up with generous bonus offers and informative information on the odds and details of matches.

Basic Types of Cricket Bets

Cricket is a sport that has a very large variety of different outcomes that may be bet on and almost all options are found at the best betting sites.

Match betting is one of the more common types of bets available where the winning team of a single match is predicted. A tied match, or draw no bet, is a bet on the match resulting in a tie and can be used in conjunction with a match bet in case any occurrence results in the match ending with no winner.

The series winner or outright winner bets are also quite common and consist of which team will win the best of maybe three or even five matches in a series or the outright winning team of a tournament such as the Twenty20, the ICC Champions Trophy or the Cricket World Cup.

Basic Types of Cricket Bets

Proposition Bets for Cricket Betting

Like variety in the Geelong Cup betting, Cricket bets also include proposition bets which do not involve the final result of a match or which team will prevail in a series. These cricket bets are based on occurrences and certain instances throughout the match.

These include the win toss, the toss combination which includes the first team to bat or bowl, odd or even run scores, first inning scores, team innings runs and match scores which involve the total runs a team may make by the end of a match. There are also series scores, partnerships, most match sixes, total fours and more that bettors may bet on when it comes to betting on cricket.

The proposition bets also include player propositions where such things as the top batsman and the top bowler are predicted. These can also include betting on the team the top batsman belongs to, the man of the match and which player will be first to reach 50 runs. The number of wickets a particular player may take can also be predicted and bet as well as which of two particular players will get more sixes, score higher runs and any other type of head to head proposition.