Masques of San Marco Slot Basics Online

Masques of San Marco Slot Basics

Instead of the customary single set of reels, the Masques of San Marco online video slot features two separate sets of five reels and 20 paylines each. IGT refers to this as DualPlay, which we have already seen on other slots like Da Vinci Diamonds.

And DualPlay is not the only special aspect included in Masques of San Marco. The slot also features FreeFall symbols, which enable potential additional wins, as well as the usual wild symbol, wild symbol and up to 300 free spins.

A Vintage Venetian Setting

It’s all mandolins, harps and harpsichords in the Masques of San Marco soundtrack, which complements the slot’s setting, which is the ancient Venetian city of San Marco.

The Masques of San Marco slot reels do not take up the entire screen but are, instead, positioned on the right-hand side, whist a sunset scene of a gondolier navigating a canal through the city is depicted on the left.

The symbols are all characters and props taken out of a 17th Century masque performance and include stylised suns, stars and silvery crescent moons, as well as white-faced actors in costume.

The entire theme of Masques of San Marco slot is reminiscent of the mask carnival held annually at Venice’s Piazza San Marco.

Paylines and Payouts

Although the two sets of reels in Masques of San Marco are separate, they spin at the time. Actually, instead of spinning, the symbols simply fall into place one after the other. The fact that the reels are separate also doesn’t mean that players can choose to play either one set or the other. The paylines in this slot are non-adjustable and players must wager on all 40 of them.

Gamblers may, however, adjust the coin value of their wagers and betting ranges from 1.00 to 50.00 credits, with an average RTP of between 93.38% and 95.27%. The largest possible jackpot in the Masques of San Marco base game is 5000 coins.

Masques of San Marco Slot Paylines

The Masques of San Marco Wild

Like wild in almost all pokies types, the Masques of San Marco wild symbol serves the standard purpose of standing for all other symbols, except the scatter, to complete winning paylines. In this casino slot, the wild symbol is easily identified as it is bears the letters “WILD” in front of a gold-leafed wreath.

The Bonus Symbol Masks Free Spins

There is no scatter symbol but the bonus symbol serves a similar purpose by awarding free spins. Similar to the wild, the Masques of San Marco bonus symbol contains the word “Bonus”, in front of a golden mask with turquoise and green feathers.

Six free spins are awarded whenever three or more bonus symbols appear. The division between the two sets of reels then disappears. Meanwhile, the FreeFall feature creates the impression of there being far more than six free spins. Free spins in Masques of San Marco are re-triggerable up to a maximum of 300.

FreeFall Symbols Enable More Wins

Masques of San Marco internet slot features the still fairly rare but increasingly popular falling symbols design – which IGT refers to as FreeFall symbols but other developers call collapsing reels.

Every time a winning payline is landed in Masques of San Marco, the symbols in that payline disappear, creating room for more symbols to  fall into their places with an increased likelihood of another win occurring. Although the slot does include free spins, the FreeFall feature is also a bit like being awarded a free spin and, in theory, can carry on indefinitely – as long as players keep landing wins.