It Came From Venus Slots Review for Players

It Came From Venus visibly sets itself apart from other online slots through its unique aesthetic and storyline. Amongst the more traditional images of cherries, cowboys and Geisha’s, the game’s leafy alien flytrap embedded in a farm setting stands out clearly.

It Came From Venus is first and foremost a cinematic game. It impressed reviewers and players alike with its emphasis on strong visuals and user experience. The graphics are sharp, the 30 payline format means wins come quick and regularly, and it is supported by a strong storyline.

Some players may find the playful and subtle touches such as interacting characters distracting. It Came From Venus enjoys great popularity however from those who enjoy some participation and flair in their online slots.

Reel Symbols and Look

The slot symbols draw on a classic farm environment, complete with barns and scarecrows.  This classic look is freshened up by the cartoon-like style typical of BetSoft’s products and a dynamic backdrop of military police attempting to quell an imminent alien invasion.

The cinematics are clearly a distinct point in this game. Those who prefer slot machines that are immersive and interactive would enjoy the amount of effort put into this element, while those who enjoy passive games may not enjoy dominance of cinematics in It Came From Venus.

Playing the Game

It Came From Venus is created by game makers Betsoft and has 30 paylines and 5 reels. All paylines can be played simultaneously and symbols can be stacked. These stacks collapse regularly to reveal additional symbols which increase the chances of a big win when players least expect it.

The special features and interesting bonus rounds offer large payouts in contrast to the small and regular winnings of the main game, offering two different approaches; the possibility of making a big win or sustaining regular payouts.

Who is It for?

It Came From Venus is an active, participatory game. Casual players may prefer something more passive, but those looking for some excitement and action will swoon over the gameplay, storyline and strong graphics of this game.

There are games with bigger and more regular payouts, but It Came From Venus offers the player the opportunity to switch between high and low stakes games. The strong storyline, sharp graphics, strong use of cinematics and other thoughtful touches make the game very appealing for those like to have fun while playing slots.

Wildcards and Bonuses

It Came From Venus offers random wild symbols that grant multipliers of between 2x and 10x. Players are also given free spins when the fly trap eats three bags of food from the middle reel. The bonus feature offers big payouts in exchange for performing a side quest in order to save the fly trap.

Free Slots Spins

Whenever the Venus flytrap manages to eat 3 stacks of food on the middle reel players are rewarded with 11 free spins. Any wilds that land during this bonus round also remain in place for one or more spins, adding to players winning potential.

There’s also the themed bonus feature that sees players taken to a second screen where the Venus flytrap needs to be rescued. The fly trap is in a box and its up to players to pick the right one, set it free and claim cash rewards.