Golden Ticket Online Slot – A 2019 Review & Guide for Players


Everyone likes the thrills and spills of a good carnival, with all the different and unique types of entertainment available at such events it is really hard not to. This is perhaps why Play’n Go have opted to go for a carnival theme with this Golden Ticket online slot game of theirs.

Players will immediately recognise the game as such too when they first open it up on their platform and notice not just the range of various symbols relating to the theme but also the impressive looking strongman flexing his muscles along the side of the game and offering an added bit of animation and visual diversity. Overall this is all presented across to the players with some decent graphics for an online slot game.

A Few Carnival Bonuses to Discover

Despite the unique gameplay style employed in this Golden Ticket online slot game from Play’n Go there are still few spaces open for bonuses and taking up these spaces include the likes of a Wild symbol as well as a bonus game themed to the carnival style as well.

The Wild is this slot game’s namesake and can of course substitute for other symbols on the reels to make more winning combinations. The bonus game of this slot allows players to play a carnival shooting gallery game to win some additional prizes.

Visiting the Carnival Theme on the Reels

The choice of carnival theme is quite an interesting one to couple with this gameplay style and results in what can only really be regarded as a solid slot game experience. Behind the gaming grid of this slot there is a carnival backdrop with a big top tent in the centre.

The grid of symbols creates quite a scene on the screen as well, especially with the well-designed strongman animation that joins it on the right. With the competent graphics supplied by Play’n Go the game also presents itself well, highlighting the other aspects at the same time like sound effects and cascading symbols animations. This all creates a fairly impressive visual display on the face of this Golden Ticket slot.

One of the big aspects that make this real money pokies game really quite unique apart from its chosen theme is that of the gameplay involved. In the case of this online slot there are no reels or pay lines as such and instead the game is setup in a 5×5 grid of symbols with the capability to then score combinations along both the vertical and horizontal directions as long as 3 or more symbols appear.

This occurs similar to a cascading reels situation seen on some other slot games and couples well with the themed bonus game attached to this Golden Ticket slot experience.

Without the game symbols though this slot would look rather bare, so it is rather a good thing then that they have been included in the whole thing.

On the screen of this Golden Ticket slot players will find symbols attributed to the theme in question like top hats, juggling skittles, dumbbells as well as various characters from a carnival scene, like the strongman, clown and even magician. Overall these do liven up the spinning process quite effectively for this Golden Ticket online slot.