Everything You Need to Know about Craps Gambling Game

Craps is a game that is played with dice in which players make bets on the outcome of each of the rolls, or on a series of these rolls, and two dice are used for play. Those taking part may bet money against one another, in games called street craps in which players are said to be shooting, or rolling dice, or lay wagers against a bank, this last being the casino version, known simply as craps or casino craps. Thanks to how little equipment is required for a game it can be played informally very easily.

The History of the Game

Although this game is said to have developed from a simplified version of a version of an English game called hazard, its origins are actually quite complex, and may date as far back as the Crusades, in part influenced by French gamblers as well. The modern American version of the game was brought by a Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville to New Orleans, this gentleman a politician and gambler descended from affluent Louisiana landowners of the colonial times. This gentleman’s version of the game allowed for unscrupulous players to exploit the house, however, by making use of fixed dice, and taking advantage of the manner in which players wagered against or with the person throwing the dice. John Winn introduced the “don’t pass” wager option in order to resolve this problem, and this new version of the game is the one still enjoyed today.

Craps Played Against the Bank

The player pitting him- or herself against the bank is the version offered in online casinos with NZ dollars, both those in a brick-and-mortar environment and those available online. Players’ bets are made with chips, and these are laid out on a specially designed table for the game that displays all the different wagers possible for play. Bet availability; positioning and payouts will vary slightly from casino to casino, but not to the point where those who understand the workings of the game will be hindered at all.

Each casino is able to set out which wagers are offered to players, and set the amount of the payouts for each, although there are a core set of wagers and payouts that are typical. Players will take turns rolling the two dice, and whoever throws these is known as the shooter. Players are able to place bets on the various options by putting their chips directly on the sections set out for these on the table’s layout.

The online availability of this game has meant that far more people are able to enjoy it, and many who would never venture to approach the area of the casino set aside for this game at a brick-and-mortar place to play because of its seemingly complicated rule structure have been able to learn it at their own pace in this manner. Free craps games are available for those still finding their feet, and these can be enjoyed as long as a player wishes to do so, with real money bets not being required until they are ready to take the risk, confident in their ability.