Rebus – a Scottish Television Detective Series

Rebus is the title of a detective drama TV series. The series is based on the highly popular Inspector Rebus novels by Scottish author Ian Rankin. The series is stark and gritty set in and around Edinburgh. The Rebus television series was produced by STV Productions for the ITV network in the United Kingdom.

There were a total of five seasons of Rebus. Season 1 and 2 starred John Hannah. A fresh cast that featured Ken Stott as Detective Inspector John Rebus was presented with Season 3, 4 and 5. The series was made in-house by STV. The books as well as the series belong to the genre of police procedural detective fiction or Tartan Noir.

The Series and the Episodes Linked

All the episodes of Rebus involve murders, suspicious deaths or disappearances. It is the task of DI Rebus to solve the mystery. The series is known for depicting a harsh, and dark view of the criminal underworld in Scotland, with various aspects being highlighted in each episode, whether that is corruption, poverty, NZ online pokies casinos or organised crime. At the same time Rebus needs to pick his way through internal police politics and an ongoing struggle with his superiors. Rebus’ tendency to bend the rules in his pursuit of criminal elements has never endeared him to the upper ranks of the Scottish police. Also, Rebus has his own personal issues that are often related to the ongoing investigation and this adds several layers of depth to the investigation.

Based on Successful Books

The author, Ian Rankin has won critical praise for the rich and ingenious plots in Rebus. The final two seasons of the series are characterised with numerous sub-plots, notable characters and locations all over Scotland. Although some of the locations are either fictional, or an amalgam of several areas, others are real and well-known, which adds a certain level of depth to the episodes since the characters will often frequent or refer to real places and local political situations.

Another aspect to the Rebus series that adds to the reality and strong continuation of the overall story line is the fact that all the episodes are intrinsically linked. This is done through a cohesive background construction, reference to previous cases or interactions with characters from previous episodes. Although each episode is a stand-alone feature, and a prior knowledge of the history is not required for an understanding, the trail of cohesiveness adds further to the reality aspect of the series and the grittiness with which it is portrayed.

Rebus, Himself

Rebus himself is a man with old fashioned values and norms. He tends to bottle up his feelings in more ways than one, and then they begin to affect his personal life. His personal life in the series and the books contains Rhona, an ex-wife, Patience, his ex-girlfriend, Gill, his boss and occasional lover, and Sammy, his daughter. He has a platonic relationship with his protégé and partner DS Siobhan Clarke.

DS Siobhan Clarke has a significant role in the series, as does Chief Superintendent Templar. The ancient beauty as well as the sinister quarters of Edinburgh are very well depicted.