A Quick Introduction to Roman Chariots Slot

Introduction to Roman Chariots Slot

Casino game developer WMS Gaming is forever coming up with ingenious ways to crowbar different bonus features into the familiar slots format. In Roman Chariots, the slot developer has decided to make use of its original Supercharged Reels feature, giving the player the chance at a spin on three extra reels with win multipliers at any stage in base play.

The base game in the Roman Chariots slot takes place on a standard rig of five reels displaying three windows each. The three Supercharged Reels above Reels 2, 3 and 4 are also 5X3. Base play features up to 80 paylines, and in whichever currency is being used, players can bet between 0.2 and 100.00 per line.

Capturing the Intensity of the Arena

Roman Chariots takes its inspiration from the chariot races of ancient Rome, and staple images of that empire. The reels hang against a pale frieze of marching Roman soldiers, and apart from the low-value Poker icons 10, J, Q, K and A, all the symbols are linked to the Roman world.

These include a bunch of grapes, a sheaf of wheat, an amphora of wine, a Roman army helmet, an emperor wearing a laurel wreath, and a crowned empress, the highest-value ordinary icon. While the other symbols need matches of three or better to win, the empress pays out 2 coins for two of a kind, with prizes increasing steadily to 400 coins for five of a kind. Her symbol also stacks, increasing her potential.

Wild Stacks Supercharge the Bonus Reels

The Roman Chariots slot’s Wild depicts a charioteer in full cry, his sword drawn and his horse galloping. The Wild can also stack, and if it covers all three windows on Reels 2, 3 or 4, this triggers a supercharging which affects the corresponding Supercharged Reels set.

Borders of different colours link the main reels and each Supercharged set; stacked Wilds on main Reel 2 will increase the multiplier on Supercharged Reels set A by X1; main Reel 3’s stacked Wilds do the same to Supercharged Reels set B, and main Reel 4 has the same connection to Supercharged Reels set C. Each of the Supercharged Reels sets also has one reel that is permanently Wild when the reels are activated.

Roman Chariots Internet Slot

Triggering Supercharged Reels Spins

Roman Chariots online slot has two Roman trumpet symbols that appear only on Reel 5 in the main reels set; one with a green background, the other red. Whenever the green icon appears, it triggers a spin of all the Supercharged Reels sets that have been activated by stacked Wilds on main Reels 2, 3 or 4, and applies the multiplier level they have reached to any wins.

Base play continues after these Supercharged Reels spins, and further stacked Wilds keep raising the multipliers on the Supercharged Reels, ready for the next spin heralded by a green trumpet. A red trumpet, however, resets all the Supercharged Reels, and the player then needs to activate them and build multipliers again. In addition, both trumpets pay multipliers of the total bet whenever they appear.

Free Spins Bonus also Included

The chariot wheel that can appear on Reels 1 and 5 is the Roman Chariots slot Scatter, and two appearing on a spin trigger a bonus game of 8 free spins. However, Supercharged Reels can’t be redeemed during bonus play, so it’s the possibilities of the supercharged spins that attract most of this title’s fans.