Latest Buffalo Spirit Slot Online Review

Buffalo Spirit slot by Williams Interactive features thirty paylines and five reels. The stunning style of this game is highlighted by realistic drawings of both animals and plants that live in the American West of the United States of America. The American West in the US has many different climates ranging from dry, arid, deserts to lush, green rolling plains. The colours used are bright, crisp, and varied.

Behind the reel of Buffalo spirit the player can see a desert landscape at night. The desert floor is pitch black as are all of the rock features. The sky is dark blue to black and there is cloud cover so no stars can be seen in the sky.

Reels and Game Setup

The reels have a light tan background, like the colour of sand, with intricate striped patterns separating them from each other. The light sand colour of the reels helps to reinforce the desert theme. The reels are also surrounded by a gilded gold border.

Under the slots games online in Canada reels, the player is presented with a wealth of additional information about the game and their better options in the form of a shiny copper plaque. Information presented includes the lines on the reels, the player’s bet per line, the players total bet and the players win amount.

At the top of the plaque, the player can also see the formula for calculating their total bet. The formula for this is line multiplied by bet per line is equal to the player’s total bet per spin. On the far right of the gold plaque is a blue button with a white circular arrow. This is the spin button and is used by the player to spin the reel after they have placed their bet.

Buffalo Spirit Slot Symbols

Symbols in Buffalo Spirit slot are all taken from plants and animals that live in the American West of the United in North America. These animals vary greatly because of the great diversity of climates that exist within this region.

The first animal symbol is a desert coyote with a purple background. The second animal symbol is a blue desert lizard with an orange head. The third animal symbol is a Great Horned Owl with a purple and blue night sky background. The fourth animal symbol is an orange and white snake. The fifth animal symbol is a flying Bald Eagle on a blue background with a forest below. The sixth animal is the American Buffalo. The final animal symbol is the tall buffalo with a red and gold background.

Then there are the plant symbols. These include a green cactus with yellow, pink and red flowers, and green desert plant with yellow flowers. There is also a red heart, pink diamond, purple club and blue spade.

Onlie Slots Bonus Features

The replicating wild bonus feature can be activated both the wild symbol and the tall buffalo symbol. Once this feature is activated, most of the symbols on the board will be replaced wild symbols. This gives the player a good chance of winning big. There is also a free bonus spin feature that can be activated when three or more scatter bonuses appear on the reel.