What is Mobile Keno and How to Play it On the Go ?

The virtual Mobile Keno board has a total of 80 numbers for New Zealand players to make their selection from, and, after a bet has been placed, players are invited to try to choose the luckiest numbers, generally ranging in amount from 1 through to 15.

After the numbers for the Mobile Keno game have been selected by the player taking part, the game software will pick 20 winning Keno numbers at random. Each time one of these is matched to a number the player picked, what is known as a Hit will be accomplished, and if enough numbers are Hit, a prize will be awarded.

Winning with Mobile Keno Games

How much players are able to win during their Mobile Keno game will depend on two factors:

  1. The amount of numbers that were selected in the first part of the process
  2. How many of these Hit

Thanks to how largely Mobile Keno depends on pure luck, New Zealanders are able to relax and simply enjoy the game: there are no complicated betting strategies to have to commit to memory, and, thanks to how minimal the betting requirements are, extended play is always an option.

The rewards for lucky picks are great too, and the fact that such significant rewards can be had for a relatively negligible bet means that many players make this game their first choice when it comes to mobile entertainment.

Gambling on the Go for Real Money Rewards

Mobile Keno is reinventing one of the oldest real money gambling games in the world: the game itself originated in Ancient China in around 200 BC, and, since then, it has become one of the most popular for players to enjoy. First it curried favour first at land-based places to play, and then it began to enjoy an excellent reputation at Canadian casino online as well. In its current smartphone- and tablet-friendly incarnation it has simply skyrocketed and New Zealand’s players are able to enjoy the game as they wish, whenever they have a few moments to spare with the online keno games on hand.

Access for Everyone All the Time

Almost all New Zealanders have a smartphone or tablet device ever at the ready nowadays, and the game access these gadgets grant players is far more sophisticated than ever before.

The fact that players are able to enjoy Mobile Keno in total safety, under the protection of the state-of-the-art encryption software that all of the better mobile-friendly casinos have in place encourages players to try their luck whenever they can, and many bankrolls are being boosted frequently throughout the day and night.

The Keno games provided at New Zealand’s top mobile casinos have been formatted to suit a wide variety of different devices, and players will be able to enjoy smooth software integration that allows for the various types of gadgets to offer access that is totally glitch-free, and full of real money fun. Players are able to enjoy the game as often as they please, from wherever they find themselves, and enjoy the fun this simple game of chance is able to deliver.