Ancient Bonuses From Golden Ladies

The title of this online slot game may not directly point to it but this game holds a theme based on the Ancient Aztecs and all the mysteries in and around these impressive people. For obvious reasons then this Golden Princess online slot is surrounded in the famous rare metal and even sports it across the reels involved. As such this theme is realised in the more expected aspects of such a game, completing each of them with an appreciated due diligence that results in a rather pleasing online slot game experience. Above and beyond this there is a whole gameplay attached to the theme this online slot perpetuates on screen.

Online Aztec Slot Bonuses on the Reels

There are a couple of bonuses and feature options to this slot, including a gamble option, a Wild symbol and of course the aforementioned free spins bonus. The gamble option allows players to stake their winnings for potentially more winnings. The Wild allows for additional combination on the reels whilst the free spins is triggered through the Scatter symbol and can reward players with up to 30 free spins. These come with a few random multiplier opportunities that make this Golden Princess online slot experience quite a complete one.

Speaking of this base game aspect involved in this Golden Princess slot game from Microgaming, it is primarily composed of a set of 5 reels and some 25 pay lines attached to these reels, assisting players in forming the combinations they want on the reels. Prior to the spinning however players must first setup the game, in which they associate the betting options available with said slot game in order to best shape their experience from the outset. On the lighter side of things, there is a rather exciting free spins feature attached to this Golden Princess slot game that joins a gamble feature in the game at Pokies Online NZ.

A Little More on Aztec Slot Themes

Though there are quite a few of these similarly themed slot game around the internet at the moment, there is still a good deal of diversity that the developers involved can add to the gaming experience. In the case of this online Golden Princess slot for instance, the central aspect revolves around the character from the title, which is to say the resplendent female on the symbols. In this pursuit it does seem as if the game was then built around this aspects, with the similar symbols, backdrop and sound effects rather tailored to this subtle but definable difference. Overall the setup on the screen with this Golden Princess slot from Microgaming is visually quite adept, with some decent graphics producing a rather appealing spinning experience for the players regardless of which platform they use.

Symbols on the reels of this New Zealand online pokies game such as this Golden Princess one often play significant roles in further defining the theme in play as well as of course creating the winning opportunities on the reels. Clearly important these symbols include the likes of jaguars, pumas, treasure chests, court officials of a kind and of course the Golden Princess herself. These do definitely add to the spinning experience.