The Other Sides of Bingo – Death & Blackouts

Bingo is one of the many casino games that have gained popularity due to its simplicity to play. The premise of the game is about as straightforward as possible. Players are given a special playing card that has various numbers printed on it. An announcer will draw numbers as random, and the first player that manages to find all the drawn numbers on their playing card wins the round. Bingo is as simple as it is entertaining, and the game draws people from all walks of life, whether they are casual players or professional bingo enthusiasts.

While bingo usually played with the mentioned format, there are many different types of bingo available, and all of them can be played online. Learning how play bingo games is important for the bingo lover looking for more variations of their favourite game.

How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

Arguably the most popular version of bingo within The United Kingdom, 90 ball bingo is called so because there are exactly 90 possible numbers available on the bingo playing cards. This also makes it a version of bingo with one of the highest amount of numbers of all the variants.

How to Play Bingo U Pick ‘Em

This variant differs only in that the winning numbers that are drawn are initially chosen by the players, instead of being completely random. This means that players know their game is fair, as they have chosen the winning numbers without outside interference.

How to Play Bingo Bonanza

Extremely similar to regular bingo, bingo bonanza differs in that players receive cards that have 43 numbers on them each. In order to score a bingo, the player will need to complete all numbers on the card. This type of bingo is often used as a jackpot for real money bingo, as it can take a substantial amount of time to build up before any players manage to land a bingo.

How to Play Blackout Bingo

Blackout bingo has a number of names, also known as Coverall, or full house bingo. In order for a player to win in this type of bingo, they will need to complete every number on the playing card until the entire card is full. This can take long periods of time to accomplish, and like bingo bonanza, blackout bingo is often used as a jackpot.

How to Play Death Bingo

Death bingo is an extremely popular variation of the main game that swaps the core of the game. In death bingo, players that receive a bingo are eliminated from the game, and this continues until all but one player remains. The player that has not been eliminated wins the game.