Path of the Wizard Slot Game

The Path Of The Wizard Slot Game

The Path of the Wizard slot game is created by well known developer Genesis Studios. The online casino nz game stands apart for having exceptionally good graphics, with symbols designs that are clearly the work of talented professionals. The theme of the game is rather disjointed and vague, however, with no real indication of how exactly the images fit together. Other modern slot games tell a very specific story, but the Path of the Wizard slot game just seems to be a collection of random, albeit very well drawn, images.

In terms of game play the Path of the Wizard slot game uses a 5 reel, 25 betting line system. The betting lines are manually adjustable between spins, which offers a great deal of strategic opportunities and layers. This will certainly appeal to players who prefer a more hands on approach. There is also a rather intriguing bonus mini-game, which seems to be the only attempt by Genesis to involve some sort of narrative in the game. But let’s first have a look at the outstanding symbol designs.

Symbol Designs

It must be mentioned again that the artwork in the Path of the Wizard slot game is exceptionally well done. The most valuable symbol in the game is a sinister, yet gentle looking wizard of some sort. Dressed in a hooded rob and summoning some kind of chaotic power, one is not quiet sure if they should be running form this overbearing figure or not. Either way the interesting character will be a welcome sight on the reels, given that matching him 5 times will result in enormous payouts.

The next symbol to look out for in the Path of the Wizard slot game, and the second most valuable in the game, is one that is a touch out of place with the rest of the game; a delightful fairy gazing into a green orb, all smiles and pleasantness. Given that every other character in the game look alarmingly fierce, one wonders how this fairy got mixed up in events. Match her 5 times and the payout is  good one.

Bonus Decision System

The wild symbol in the game appears as a mysterious black box, accompanied by the written word wild. It may match with itself up to 5 times for a huge payout, or may be matched with any other symbol to create a matching sequence at

The real focus of the Path of the Wizard slot game is the scatter symbol, appearing as the written words Path of the Wizard. Match the symbol at least 3 times and a curious mini-game will be triggered. The player is presented with three glowing orbs, red, yellow and green. These colours seem to correlate with the wizard characters, but what exactly it all means is a mystery. Either way, the player must select one of the orbs, which will reveal a prize. One of the orbs will have the biggest prize, but it is just a matter of luck, since selecting an orb will end the game. Good luck wizard, select your colour wisely.