Amaya Games Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 Slot Game Reviewed Online

What makes an original, downloadable slot game different to the HTML5 or instant version? Well, nothing really besides the way in which a player plays it. Downloadable slot titles, featured in all their full and robust glory, take longer to download onto the player’s device and is stored for future use on the device, while an HTML version is played there and then, in instant mode.

Offered in a HTML version, this non-downloadable slot title does not feature the full bells and whistles offered in the downloadable game, but pretty much keeps in line with the original theme and displays pretty much the same symbols, graphics, sounds and pay-outs but in a lesser, more down-sized fashion.

Fortunately, with Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game, developed by Amaya Games, players enjoy equal amounts of slotting fun and receive generally the same frequent wins as in the downloadable version. However, the gaming pleasure and entertainment level is heightened with this HTML version as gameplay is smoother and faster and no time is wasted with long downloads. Players reviewed the original game as being not that mobile friendly, hence why Amaya Games decided to create this HTML masterpiece for phone casino South Africa.

An Easy-to-Read Guide to this Slot

A short guide to Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game would reveal that it boasts five reels, three rows of symbols and 20 pay lines. It is themed around American folklore, more specifically around a statue called Kokopelli, with traditional fruits, letters, a traditional brick oven and red geckos adding to the theme. Players immerse in an enjoyable storyline, as the statue tries its best to get past the main gecko character in the game and attempts to set fire to the gecko’s tail. The colour scheme in with Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game is bursting with vibrant greens and yellows, with the sound effects adding to the entertainment factor.

As these pokies are available in instant play mode, no software or application needs to be downloaded, making it a pleasure to play on any iPhone make, Android Smartphone, any tablet brand or basically any device that uses an iOS or Android operating system. Regarding real money betting, Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game offers a wide betting range of 0.01 to 100 Euros per spin.

What’s up this Slot’s Sleeve?

So when it comes to fun extras and in-game money boosters, what does Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game have up its virtual sleeve you may ask?  Well, it is similar to its predecessor in many ways when it comes to winning potential and in-game features. This version has free spins of course, followed by a maximum jackpot of a whopping 50 000 coins. And yes, the jackpot is progressive which means it becomes larger over time.

Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 pokies game also features more than one wild symbol. Although it does not boast any fun bonus games, it is still rewarding in many ways with multipliers awarded frequently and free spins being retriggered often.